Wim Ricourt

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Wim Ricourt was born in 1963 in Assenede, Belgium, where he still lives and works.  He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.  Soon after his studies, since 1986, his expressive work was well received by the public as the artist exhibited his work at various art fairs within Europe, which over time resulted into an impressive list of successful solo and group shows.

“From the very beginning we were simply overwhelmed by this powerful and daring confrontation of rich colour compositions with thick layers of paint and passionate appearance. Wim’s paintings were a display of profound expression and confirmation of exceptional talent with dynamic communication skills. For us a long term association was destined to fall into place.” (Yvan De Backer)

Until 2017 Wim Ricourt mainly worked with oil paint on canvas.  He chose to feed his inspiration by things out of every-day life.  These subjects, close to nature, provide him with genuine and unlimited material to work with. The viewer, attracted and moved by Ricourts’ rich oeuvre, is flooded with colour and passion.  His subjects, close to nature, provide him with genuine and unlimited material to work with.  Landscapes, ponds,  cows, sunflowers  and voluptuous bouquets come to life on the canvas. Ricourt also teases with the boundaries of the viewer’s perception as he  captures a playful interaction with depth and proportion.  From a distance the image is totally clear, but one irresistibly feels drawn closer to the canvas and finds himself immersed in a massive colorfield. The paintings radiate a certain energy which stems from the authentic, bold and intensive qualities of the artist’s work.

Since 2018 Wim Ricourt started a new project with a completely new technique. His recent works are paintings on aluminium panels.

Exhibition view, Absolute Art Gallery, Brugge, 2023

Exhibition view “Le son du silence”, Absolute Art Gallery, Brussels, 2019







“In Art WeTrust”, Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke, BE
Impulse Gallery, Luzern, CH

BILY, Brussels I Love You Art Parcours, special showcase, Absolute Art Gallery, Brussel, BE
“The Sound of Silence”, Absolute Art Gallery, Brussel, BE

August 2018: Solo-project, Absolute Art Gallery, Brugge, BE

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Rotterdam, NL

Art Up, Foire d’art contemporain de Lille, FR
Raw Art Fair, Rotterdam, NL

“Le Temps Perdu”, individual exhibition, Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke, BE

Art Gent, art fair, BE

Lineart Art Fair, Gent, BE

Lineart Art Fair, Gent, BE
Leonhard’s Gallery, Antwerpen, BE

Lineart, Flanders Expo, Gent, BE
Galerie Schortgen, Luxemburg & Esche-sur-Alzette

Galerie Schriever, Köln, DE
Galerie Normandy, Honfleur, FR

Artendens, Brugge, BE

Galerie Artitude, Nijmegen, NL

Holland Art Fair, Den Haag, NL
Art on cows Project, Brussel, BE

Villa Tim Mes, Johannesburg, ZA

Casino, Oostende BE

Ambiente, Frankfurt, DE

Casino, Oostende, BE

Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussel, BE

Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussel, BE

Provinciale Prijs voor Plastische Kunsten, Sint-Pietersabdij, Gent, BE

Casino, Oostende, BE



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