Jacqueline Bozon
available works

Jacqueline Bozon was born in 1966 in Helmond, The Netherlands. Her colorful artwork is an adventurous journey she embraces to share with the viewer. Impressions of her various travels and the rich cultures she encountered blend in with the different use of materials such as acrylics and oil, lead, tinfoil, plaster, paper from Nepal, sand and resin. The work remains abstract, lines and symbols leave trace of life experiences from the past or take aim for the future to come. The series of “Ibiza” and “Off & Online” leave it up for the viewer to discover and most of all: to enjoy.

Beauty is created by those who dare see it. Just like cultures all have their own rituals and stories, each one of us owns our personal story in life. Why we travel or steer clear of certain paths in life: it’s all about choices we make, each turn we decide to take or set course in the opposite direction. These different experiences are unique and leave their traces to shape an energetic route, a testimony of our own path.

Jacqueline Bozon uses all her experiences, connections and observations and molds them into a colourful and playful field of lines. She communicates in colours, a universal language easy to comprehend, one which lends itself to various translations, too. Think of the colour red: it may stand for romance, a passionate love, warmth, yet for someone else it can also represent the colour of fear and danger.

The top layer, usually what we see first, compares to an initial impression we get. For many this is plentiful. Yet when you take your time to dig deeper, so many layers will come to surface as the artwork exposes itself completely. Our own reflections and experiences will start to blend in. We meet, get to know each other and start to trust, which releases the most beautiful stories. It’s a book, full of surprises and exciting to read, only you don’t read it, you live it.

The work mirrors the artist’s vision on life in an adventurous and colourful combination of lines.

Jacqueline’s technique is as mysterious as it is perfection: multiple layers of paint are carefully separated by the resin she applies. This creates an exceptional image of perspective.

“The art is to see without thinking and not thinking that you see.”

Exhibition view “Vibes Between The Lines” – Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke 2022




“Vibes Between The Lines”, solo show, Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke, BE
Art Karlsruhe, Art Fair, DE

“Beyond Borders”, solo show, Project 2.0 Gallery, Den Haag, NL

Galerie Paul Janssen, Saint-Tropez, FR

Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke, BE
Galerie Hegemann, München, DE
Galerie Project 2.0, Den Haag, NL

Kunstrai Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
“YIA Art Fair”, Brussels, BE
R.C. Art Fair, Rotterdam, NL
“Connected Stories”, Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke, BE

Realisme Art Fair Amsterdam, NL
B12 the Gallery Ibiza, ES
Metropolitan Gallery, Hamburg, DE
Mark Peet Visser Gallery, ‘s Hertogenboch, NL
Kunstrai Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
Art.Fair, Köln, DE

Realisme Art Fair Amsterdam, NL
Art Breda Art Fair, Breda, NL
Kunstrai Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
ART Fair The Hague, NLMetropolitan Gallery, oktober

Art Stage Singapore
The Los Angeles Art Show, US
Scope Art Fair, NewYork, US
Art Karlsruhe Art Fair, DE
AAF NewYork, US
Chicago International Artshow, US
Art The Hamptons New York, US

Worlds Apart Fair Singapore
Art Karlsruhe, DE
Art Hamptons, US
AAF London, UK
Houston Fine Art Fair, US
Beiroet Art Fair, LB


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