Galerie Avenue du Littoral: Chocolate Polaroids

DE 1/04/2018
À 29/04/2018

You know… that atmosphere? That je-ne-saisquoi that makes his works so discernable. 
The Chocolate Polaroid fits so well into Marc’s world. He had a gift for communicating 
intoxicating beauty and timeless elegance mingled with fierceness and tenderness, in 
equal parts. Polaroid Chocolate is one of the rarest films Polaroid ever made, producing 
chocolate brown images with a warm texture, which completes Marc’s aesthetics
perfectly. It’s like Black and White but warmer… turning up the intimacy factor, really.
The Chocolate Polaroid adds creaminess to the highlights while the dark areas of the 
photograph take on a deep chocolate brown tone, which makes the pictures softer, 
suggesting a dreamier atmosphere.

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