Hans de Bruijn

Hans de Bruijn

Zacht zonlicht
Berken, het vroege voorjaar (Birch Trees, the early spring)

°1959, Leiden, NL

Education: National Academy of Art, Amsterdam Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag (The Hague)


Public collections: Achmea, Leiden, NL; Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden, NL; Rümke Stichting, Utrecht, NL; Unilever, London, UK; De Pont, Museum of Modern Art, Tilburg, NL


Ever since his formative years, Hans De Bruijn has been intrigued by romantic painting, clearly present throughout his work. His concept “landscape of the art of painting”, and the way he bends the paint to a will of his own, make him a conceptual artist. The cultural ruin embodies an important theme of De Bruijn's work. His first painting on the subject (2006), which originates from painting the ruin of Rembrandt's house of birth in Leiden, is a personal tribute to the famous master. De Bruijn continues by selecting the ongoing ruinous situation of the most important museums in Amsterdam, as the topic for his art. His monumental paintings represent a contemporary cynical and poetical comment on the cultural collapse. With his choice in favour of Romanticism, De Bruijn blazes a trail through the virtual jungle of modern art. Another source of inspiration for the artist is poetry, in particular the work of Friedrich Hölderlin. Hölderlin's poems are written in a language that offer some kind of recognition related to De Bruijn's paintings. Also the landscape plays a leading part in De Bruijn's oevre.Typical are the interesting effects of light and dark, image and reflection. Thickly applied paint that will not be restricted to the surface to be painted, paint with a mind of its own determine the works of Hans De Bruijn. It is not until one really looks close and loses oneself in the painting, that one can detect the colours hidden between the various layers of paint, such is the signature of the artist's own language.

Gallery De twee Pauwen, Den Haag NL

"De ruïne van het geboortehuis van Rembrandt", Projectruimte Hoofdstraat 17, Leiden, NL

Museum De Hermitage "Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien", Amsterdam, NL
Gallery De twee Pauwen "Bespiegeling", Den Haag NL

Museum De Hermitage "Hollandse Meesters Her-Zien", Amsterdam, NL
Gallery De Twee Pauwen "Ins Blaue Hinein", Den Haag, NL
Absolute Art gallery "BILY, Brussels I Love You", Brussels, BE

Park, Nothing but good 139, Tilburg, NL
Gallery De Twee Pauwen, "Een wereld in verf", Den Haag, NL
Katwijks Museum, Een dialoog in verf, Katwijk, NL

Gallery De twee pauwen - "One three Chairs", Den Haag, NL
Sanderhof Fine Art - PAN Amsterdam, NL
Museum De Lakenhal - Natuurlijk, Leiden, NL

Art Breda, Breda, NL
Sanderhof Fine Art - Door de ogen van Monet, Kessenich, NL
Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke, BE
Sanderhof Fine Art - PAN Amsterdam, NL

KunstRai Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, NL
Galerie Project 2.0, "Vet", Den Haag, NL

PAN Amsterdam, RAI, NL
Art Up, Foire d'art contemporain, Lille FR
Raw Art Fair, Rotterdam, NL

Wade Wilson Art - “Review” - Santa Fé (USA)
Galerie Clement - “TAB@Clement” - Amsterdam (NL)
Gallery 2.0 - “Art The Hague” - Den Haag (NL)
Gallery Luycks “Della Pittura” - Tilburg (NL)
Wade Wilson Art “Tre Impasto“ - Houston (USA)

Gallery Luycks - "Hotel Afgrond" - Tilburg (NL)
Pulchri Studio - “Dutch Invasion“ - Den Haag (NL)
Wade Wilson Art “Art Fair Dallas” - Dallas (USA)
LUMC “Es muss sein" - Leiden (NL)
Morren Galleries - "Spring At Morren Galleries” Utrecht (NL)
Appels Gallery “Verfhond” - Amsterdam (NL)

Achmea - "Muss es sein" - Leiden (NL)

Gallery Luycks "The Agony" - Tilburg (NL)
Museum de Lakenhal "Obscure" - Leiden (NL)

TH Gallery, Den Haag (NL)

TH Gallery, Den Haag (NL)


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