Edvardas Racevicius

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Born in 1974, Lithuania. Lives and works in Germany

Edvardas Racevicius chooses to work with wood: oak, poplar, linden, beech.  He carves the figures out of one block with a chainsaw, while occasionally using lighter tools as well.  The visible wood as material is as essential for the artist as the figurative forms he sculpts. In fact the figure becomes visible in the branches, the bark and torn open wood grain. As Edvardas accentuates the human - nature relation, one might  perhaps sense the “spirit” of the old Lithuanian sculptures. Noteworthy in the artist’s work are the sharp black-white contrasts which occur in the figures.

Art Karlsruhe, DE

YIA Art Fair, Paris, FR
Galerie Peters-Barenbrock, Ahrenshoop, DE
Galerie Atelier Alen, München, DE

Art Karlsruhe, DE
Koelner Liste Art Fair, DE
Galerie Doris Hölder, Ravensburg, DE
Galerie Atelier Alen, München, DE
Gallery Casa Cuadrada, Bogota, Colombia
Galleri V58, Aarhus, Denmark
Skulpturgarten Dümmer See, Hüde, DE

Art The Hague, NL
Art Karlsruhe, DE
Kunstrai, Amsterdam, NL
Art.Fair, Köln, DE

Berlin: Skulptur, Litauische Botschaft in Deutschland

Vilnius: Holzskulptur, Galerie "AV17"
Bad Segeberg: Skulpturen und Zeichnungen, KulturHof Otto Flath

Greifswald: Menschen und Bäume. (Skulptur), Galerie im St. Spiritus


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