FROM 20/04/2017
TO 23/04/2017

The international contemporary art fair YIA ART FAIR, will open its doors from 19 to 23 April 2017, for its second edition in Brussels on the same dates as Art Brussels in the historic district of the capital le Mont des Arts, at the Square Brussels Meeting center. More information on the YIA ART FAIR website

FROM 1/04/2017
TO 23/04/2017

Group show with abstract work of 4 international artists

FROM 8/02/2017
TO 12/02/2017

On the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair we'll have a solo show with the most recent paintings by Jeff Kowatch. More information on the website: RC Artfair

FROM 20/10/2016
TO 23/10/2016

More information on the website: YIA Art Fair

FROM 6/08/2016
TO 18/09/2016

FROM 2/07/2016
TO 31/07/2016

Andreas Zimmermann: photography Philippe Desloubières: steel sculptures Robert Steng: wooden murals

FROM 14/11/2015
TO 10/12/2015

Group show with animalist sculptors and landscape painters in the gallery in Bruges. Two painters, Wim Ricourt and Benoît Trimborn, show their new work. Landscapes, each in their own typical style. Both artists work with oil on canvas, but do so both in a very different way. Jürgen Lingl Rebetez creates wooden sculptures with the chainsaw. He starts with a wooden block (spruce), from which he cuts out his animals. Serge Van De Put is a recycling artist who composes his sculptures with bicycle and motorcycle tires. The bronzes of Carlos Mata are a logical addition to the theme of this "Animalist & Nature" show.

FROM 31/10/2015
TO 22/11/2015

Songe au clair de l'eau Individual exhibition with new work by  Christine Comyn from Saturday October 31st to Sunday November 22nd in Absolute Art Gallery KNOKKE KUSTLAAN

FROM 3/10/2015
TO 25/10/2015

Senza Parole Individual exhibition with presentation of the new book "Senza Parole" from Saturday 3rd until Sunday 25th October 2015 at Absolute Art Gallery KNOKKE KUSTLAAN

FROM 5/09/2015
TO 27/09/2015

"Newspapers 1920 - 2015" Individual exhibition in Absolute Art Gallery Knokke - Kustlaan Opening on Saturday 5th of September from 4 to 7 pm.

FROM 8/08/2015
TO 30/08/2015

"Bionic Manipulation"   Individual exhibition in Absolute Art Gallery Knokke  - Kustlaan in première for Belgium: the artist’s bronze sculptures

FROM 8/08/2015
TO 30/08/2015

Two photographers show their work at Absolute Art Gallery KNOKKE ZEEDIJK Opening on Friday 7th of August from 4 tot 10 pm.

FROM 8/07/2015
TO 3/08/2015

Focus: Zhuang Hong Yi, Renaud Delorme, Eric Viard, Marc Lagrange, Lu Luo and Ronald Dupont

FROM 8/07/2015
TO 3/08/2015

Focus: Zhuang Hong Yi, Philippe Desloubières, Hans de Bruijn

FROM 1/07/2015
TO 30/08/2015

Focus: Ronald Dupont, Jürgen Lingl Rebetez, Benoît Trimborn, Eric Van Straaten

FROM 23/06/2015
TO 5/07/2015

An exhibition with 20 selected works from Belgian Masters out of the collection of Belfius Bank.

FROM 9/05/2015
TO 31/05/2015

Duo-show by two Chines artists in the gallery in Bruges.

FROM 4/04/2015
TO 26/04/2015

Solo-show in the gallery in Knokke

FROM 7/03/2015
TO 29/03/2015

FROM 25/10/2014
TO 16/11/2014

FROM 8/08/2014
TO 31/08/2014

A colletion of never shown pictures by Barry Feinstein, personal friend of Steve McQueen.

FROM 8/08/2014
TO 31/08/2014

FROM 28/06/2014
TO 28/07/2014

FROM 5/04/2014
TO 28/04/2014

"Landscapes & Flowerbeds" Eerste solo-tentoonstelling van de Chinese kunstenaar Zhuang Hong Yi in Absolute Art Gallery.

FROM 5/04/2014
TO 28/04/2014

FROM 5/02/2014
TO 9/02/2014

FROM 26/10/2013
TO 17/11/2013

in the gallery in Knokke

FROM 19/10/2013
TO 17/11/2013

Body Language Individual exhibition in the gallery in Bruges with a series of paintings on dance and movement.

FROM 3/08/2013
TO 1/09/2013

Solo show in the gallery in Knokke

FROM 30/03/2013
TO 28/04/2013

Solo show in the gallery in Knokke

FROM 3/08/2012
TO 2/09/2012

in the gallery in Knokke

FROM 5/08/2011
TO 18/09/2011

in the gallery in Knokke

FROM 21/05/2011
TO 19/06/2011

Individual show in the gallery in Knokke

FROM 18/03/2010
TO 22/03/2010

at the Grand Palais, Paris